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Choosing the Right Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are small medals usually in the military, police or the fire department that have the logo of the department and they are mostly given to the members of that department or as an award for achieving something.Read more about challenge coins at this company . The challenge coins have a long standing history in the military whereby they are exchanged or traded between the members of the same unit to signify brotherhood. They are also given by unit commanders to the unit members as an honourably award of achieving something. The challenge coins have also been widely used in government agencies and they are given to diplomatic visitors who visit their countries especially in the United States of America.

The challenge coins are usually made using two different processes which include the minted or stamped process and the hot molded process. The final product coin will have different raised graduation levels which makes them more significant. In the hot molding process, the iron is usually molded to make one coin while in the stamping or minting process, different coins are glued or stamped together to make one challenge coin.

There is an online store called Challenge Coins 4 Less which sells military challenge coins and also custom made challenge coins.Read more about challenge coins at ChallengeCoins4Less . Challenge Coins 4 Less offers a wide range of coins which also includes police coins, fire department coins and also corporate coins. The police coins are usually given to police officers who have dedicated their lives to serve and protect the citizens as well as their colleagues. On the other hand the firefighter coins are awarded to the brave members of the firefighting units who risk their lives to save others. There are also custom challenge coins which may be given to different members of a corporation depending on their success in the corporation ladder. For the custom challenge coins, there are different metals to choose from in the Challenge Coins 4 Less website for example polished copper metal, antique brass metal, polished gold metal, antique gold metal, antique silver metal, duo- tone metal, black nickel metal and many more. Once you have chosen the type of metal, the next step is choosing the design of the coin edge which may include the rope cut edge, wave cut edge, the standard cut edge and finally the cross cut edge.

The other step is choosing how the custom challenge coin looks like for example the 3D coin, the bottle opener, the key chain or even the engraved texts. The Challenge Coins 4 Less also offer different packaging options for your coin. The different packaging coins include velvet presentation box, velvet bag, coin capsule and coin stand. To know more about these challenge coins, you can always check out the Challenge Coins 4 Less website and make your order.Learn more from

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